Discussion in "General help Guidance and Discussion" started by    Arun Kumar V    Jun 25, 2008.
Wed Jun 25 2008, 07:30 pm
Hello guys,

all of us know whats inside a Crystal - Quartz !

i needed a 11.0592 MHZ Xtal badly for a project, when i checked my table i found only one and that too with a broken lead. since i didn't have time to rush to the electro stores i started to cut open the crystal with a sharp chisel, my aim was to solder a wire from inside.

eventually i messed up and broke the fine disc like quartz crystal, the fine disc is covered in a fabric sleeve may be to protect it from temperature effects. here are the pics of the operation that went wrong !

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Thu Jun 26 2008, 02:42 pm
nice.. i have opened one by myself too.. but never thought of taking picture.
Tue Jul 01 2008, 04:34 pm
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Sun Aug 10 2008, 01:21 am
great arun
Sun Aug 10 2008, 05:41 pm
Hi you should have been a surgeon.
Sun Aug 10 2008, 07:19 pm

who ? me, yes at one point i wanted to do medicine but chose to become an engineer and this is how i fulfill my dream ( by cutting components)

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Sun Aug 10 2008, 11:33 pm
@ arun,
my ex boss ( an ex-IITian and an Mtech ) once made me realise the importance of an engineer by asking me this scenario:
If u place a doctor, a surgeon, an engineer and an architect (all excelling in their profession) in the middle of a remote place like a desert or the amazon forest, who do u think has the best chances of surviving it or getting out?
the answer is obvious, an engineer of course!! !dance .
So u took the right decision my friend. ( fortunately for the forum )
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Mon Aug 11 2008, 01:10 pm
nice pdi it really makes me feel proud that i am engineer
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