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Sat Oct 09 2010, 11:38 am
30pF caps are actually loading capacitors provides stability and precise frequency output of a crystal oscillator.

the Loading capacitance (CL) is always given in oscillator datasheet so that one can calculate loading capacitors value. lets say if CL is given 20pF then loading caps can be anywhere from 27 to 33pF.

If the oscillation frequency is high, the capacitor values should be increased to lower the frequency. If the frequency is low, the capacitor values should be decreased, thus raising the oscillation frequency.

The relation between load capacitance of Crystal oscillator and loading capacitors is

CL=((C1 x C2) / (C1 + C2)) + Cstray

Cstray is the stray capacitance in the circuit, typically 2-5pF.
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Sat Oct 09 2010, 12:12 pm
can u plz explain how a 1 sec delay is being generated and how d values of sec,min,and hours r incremented correspondingly...
Sat Oct 09 2010, 02:26 pm
delay can be generated by lops and timers what u want to use timers or loops
Sat Oct 09 2010, 10:35 pm
can u plz explain how it is done in ajay's design??
Sun Oct 10 2010, 02:47 am
dear srisreya
for a better understanding u should go thpugh to timers
on this site there is good tutorial or thread on timers u can read that
ajay make many clocks about which ur talking some uses rtc chips
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Sat Oct 23 2010, 06:36 pm
can u plz explain me if der is any changes needed for pgm or circiut if i am changing 8051 by a 8052??
plz tell me wat changes i wil hav to make??
Sat Oct 23 2010, 06:50 pm
hi srisreya
there will be no change u can use it
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