Discussion in "Project Help" started by    angeloece    Feb 2, 2011.
Wed Feb 02 2011, 08:51 pm
in real situation. did anybody try the home automation over the internet. to control by means of internet. when i try to connect using haserver it does not. how to setup it up? when using telnet what should i type the address the IP of the server or the DNS address?
Wed Feb 02 2011, 08:57 pm
when using telnet what should i type on the address? in real scenario i ask some of my friends to connect haserver. by just typing telnet and my ip address then it does not work? what is wrong what is wrong with it?

Wed Feb 02 2011, 09:00 pm
it connects only on a local area network. because it has the same gateway and DNS number.
Wed Feb 02 2011, 09:14 pm
hi angeloece
ru checking it on the same system by which hardware is attached
Wed Feb 02 2011, 09:24 pm
you need to get your external/public IP. go to whatismyip.com
there you will get your public IP which is visible to everyone on internet.

Second thing, you need to port forward your incoming port to local port so that your router can transfer any incoming connection to your PC. Login to your router for more information on this. ask your friends for help. if you face any problem do let us know.
Wed Feb 02 2011, 09:32 pm
first i try to connect on local area..their is no problem but. on WAN or MAN based.. it does not connect?
Wed Feb 02 2011, 09:35 pm

what do you mean by incoming port to local port
Wed Feb 02 2011, 09:40 pm
is it possible to used usb modem. that connects the internet? in connecting haserver?
Wed Feb 02 2011, 09:41 pm
your PC is not directly connected to internet that you already see i your IPconfig window. coz your IP is internal IP/local IP.

so your current situation is like this:

[internet] <--> [router] <--> [PC]

Lets say your haserver is set to 8888 port. so when someone from internet tries to connect to haserver, the request first comes to router, if router does not know what to do with that socket connection the person trying to connect will simply get an error message "could not connect"

Now what port mapping/port forwarding/virtual server (all different names given by router companies) does is, it tells router to forward socket connection request for a port to a specific IP in the local network.

Lets say you setup a port forward of 8888 port on router to forward it to your local IP and 8888 port where haserver is waiting for connection. When an incoming connection comes on 8888 port, router checks its port forward table and forward that connection to specified local IP and port and you receive a connection on HAserver just. And everything will work as normal afterwards.

Hope this help you understand now.
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Wed Feb 02 2011, 09:57 pm
thanks ajay. im searching ways to connect it.. is it possible to connect haserver using only usb modem.?

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