Discussion in "E107 FURL Support" started by    FatFreddiesCat    Apr 22, 2007.
Sun Apr 22 2007, 12:50 am
After installing the furl script the icons in the forums stopped showing.

I set the theme to default just to make sure it was not a theme problem and it remained the same.
Also tested in Firefox and IE to be sure it was not a browser issue.

Anyone have any idea how to resolve this issue?

Image attached.

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Sun Apr 22 2007, 01:06 am
I have figured out it is something to do with the fact that my 107 is not in the root but in a sub directory "e107" and the script is not linking the image files to the old directory - I'm no coder so all I can do right now is create the necessary files and folders in the root for them to show up.
A more dynamic solution would be very much appreciated!
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Sun Apr 22 2007, 02:13 pm
i hope have changed the RewriteBase to /e107

and... the links will be now..
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Sun Apr 22 2007, 08:30 pm
much appreciated.
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Sun Apr 22 2007, 11:01 pm
its always good if you provide link to your website where you having problem so that, we can figure out the problem in a better way!
Thank you for using FURL
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Wed May 09 2007, 03:20 am
ok, i have the same problem and i did as you said RewriteBase /test/portal/
you can see : http://eglearn.net/forum.html
for link http://eglearn.net/test/portal/e107_forum.html
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Wed May 09 2007, 03:23 am
by way i like your site, i just finished my mc 8051 lab the last semester with the AVOmeter as final project but it refused to work
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Wed May 09 2007, 04:55 am
oh! hmm.... its ok.. now its over
so no worries regarding your website. tell me where you've installed your e107.
that subdirectory is your rewrite base.
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Wed May 09 2007, 12:56 pm
ok i transfered the test site to another domain cause the .htaccess affected on the primary one.
the link : http://eglearn.com/portal/
and i put the .htaccess on the root http://eglearn.com
with RewriteBase /portal
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Wed May 09 2007, 01:22 pm
yes correct now, and now your links will be like this...
change the links in the menu area. otherwise it will not work. Tell me the results
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