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Wed Feb 21 2007, 05:46 PM

I have some good news and some not so good news; I have found out that the LCD is not fried and does work just fine, also that the program included in the HEX file is functioning because I am able to hear the buzzer go on/off and can be set with the switches. The downside I found out is that on my 8951 there are apparently predefined pins for each function, so what I was able to figure out is how to match the corrected pins up to the LCD.

I took your advice and created a simple display code and ran it, I think you’ll like the outcome 3.gif, and found that the pin corrections worked. Now my question to you is in the HEX file can I reset the LCD pin connections to the following changes:

LCD 8051
Vss Vee
VD Ground
RS P0.0
R/W P0.1
E P0.2
DB4 P0.4
DB5 P0.5
DB6 P0.6
DB7 P0.7


Wed Feb 21 2007, 06:54 PM
Yes it is possible to do that.. but! its hard!
you need to change the opcodes wherever LCD is using P2
change it to P0. thats why i said.. hard
as the program is in C so.. that makes it more hard why don't you use P2?

And also you have to change the D7 from P2.7 to P0.7 lot of changes.. and hard to find in big hex file..
Wed Feb 21 2007, 08:16 PM
Ok so how about if I were to rewire it so that if follows this pattern to try to follow the existing code in the HEX file?


LCD 8051 P2
Vss Vee Same
VD Ground Same
RS P0.0 P3.7
R/W P0.1 P3.6
E P0.2 P3.5
DB4 P0.4 P2.4
DB5 P0.5 P2.5
DB6 P0.6 P2.6
DB7 P0.7 P2.7


Wed Feb 21 2007, 08:29 PM
I told you this way or that way! its the same. Its as hard as the previous one.
you need to interchange the address where the data is suppose to move.. i mean!
like 0xA0(P2) to 0x80(P1) as you wanted. but the thing is what if 0x80 comes in data so you gonna ruin the program.. and moreover if you are directly editing the .hex file then you need to calculate the checksum of each line and then put a new one. its a tough job. but its easy if you edit in a buffer or uploader program.

Still i wont recommend you do this rest is your wish!

your previous idea of changing P2 to P0 is much simpler than the one you just gave
Thu Feb 22 2007, 02:38 AM
Well ok if it is that complicated then I'll just try and stick with your original pin assignments; however could you tell me if I’m going in the right direction for these pin assignments and if possible where would I be able to attach Pin 4 on my LCD?


LCD 8051
Pin 1 Vss 0V Ground
Pin 2 VDD +5V 5V
Pin 3 VD - 1K Resistor
Pin 4 RS Low: Instruction code input ?
High: Data input ?
Pin 5 R/W Low: Data Write P3.6
High: Data Read P3.7
Pin 6 E Enable signal P3.5
Pin 7 DB0 Data bus lines


When interface is 4bits long

Data is on DB4-DB7

When interface is 8bits long

Data is on DB0-DB7

Pin 8 DB1 P2.1
Pin 9 DB2 P2.2
Pin 10 DB3 P2.3
Pin 11 DB4 P2.4
Pin 12 DB5 P2.5
Pin 13 DB6 P2.6
Pin 14 DB7 P2.7


LCD 8051
Pin 1 Ground
Pin 2 5V
Pin 3 1K Resistor
Pin 4 P3.7/RD
Pin 5 P3.6/WR
Pin 6 P3.5/T1
Pin 7 P2.0/A8
Pin 8 P2.1/A9
Pin 9 P2.2/A10
Pin 10 P2.3/A11
Pin 11 P2.4/A12
Pin 12 P2.5/A13
Pin 13 P2.6/A14
Pin 14 P2.7/A15
Pin 15 5V
Pin 16 Ground


Thu Feb 22 2007, 02:42 AM
Sorry about the format issues above

In a text document put in a zip because .rtf not allowed
Thu Feb 22 2007, 07:11 AM
Please dont use your configuration. I am controlling RS and RW pins of LCD with P3.7 and P3.6 there is no different pin for reading and writing.
Do not confuse yourself. Simply follow the schematic as described. and make the connections. It will work.
You cannot use your configuration, because you cannot edit the hex file!! Hope you understood..
Thu Feb 22 2007, 12:55 PM
Oh ok that was where I was confused because when I was reading my 8951 manual and looking at P3.6 and P3.7 their used for External data memory write/read strobe so I figured that since apparently on my LCD the write/read functions were just on pin 5 that both pins on the 8951 must be tied together I’ll change my circuit as shown in the attached ZIP


Thu Feb 22 2007, 02:26 PM
Please don't take me wrong.. I am little short tempered
so.. please accept this.. you don't know what you are talking about..
Do you really know about LCD?
Please consult a book and study LCD properly.

i tell you about LCD in brief
LCD has three portion of hardware connectivity
Power and Contrast
Control Pins
Data Pins

Power and Contrast Pins: For powering the LCD and changing contrast. Contrast pin sometimes work with -ve voltage for some of the LCDs.

Data Pins: For sending Data to the LCD. The seventh data pin of LCD i.e. D7 is used as busy flag for checking the status of LCD.

Control Pins: There are three control pins in an LCD.
a) Register Select (RS)
b) Read/Write (RW)
c) Enable (EN)

a) RS: the pin RS is used to select register. either data or command register.
if RS = 1 » Data Register
RS = 0 » Command Register
b) RW: This pin is used for selecting the operation of LCD, either read/write.
if RW = 0 » Write
RW = 1 » Read
c) EN: To enable the LCD. usually a high means enable.

So now we conclude that.. there is only one pin needed for RW and one pin for RS.. not two pins.. i hope you understood.
Fri Feb 23 2007, 05:03 AM
Don’t worry about it I’m not the best tempered individual myself I’m just trying to figure this out but this is the first time I’ve added an LCD display myself I usually use a driver board and not my 8051. So getting back I have re-read my LCD and 8051 manual trying to best match the pins up and I believe I have finally got the correct configuration:


LCD Function Explained 8051 Connection Explained
Pin 1 Vss 0V Ground Ground!
Pin 2 VDD +5V 5V Power
Pin 3 VD - 1K Resistor 1k to GND
Pin 4 RS Low: Instruction code input P3.7 RD
Pin 4 RS High: Data input P3.7 RD
Pin 5 R/W Low: Data Write P3.6 WR
Pin 5 R/W High: Data Read P3.6 WR
Pin 6 E Enable signal P3.5 T1(timer)
Pin 7 DB0 Data Bus Line* P2.0 Data 1
Pin 8 DB1 Data Bus Line* P2.1 Data 2
Pin 9 DB2 Data Bus Line* P2.2 Data 3
Pin 10 DB3 Data Bus Line* P2.3 Data 4
Pin 11 DB4 Data Bus Line** P2.4 Data 5
Pin 12 DB5 Data Bus Line** P2.5 Data 6
Pin 13 DB6 Data Bus Line** P2.6 Data 7
Pin 14 DB7 Data Bus Line** P2.7 Data 8


**When interface is 4bits long Data is on DB4-DB7

*When interface is 8bits long Data is on DB0-DB7


What do you think?



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