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Here is another feature packed and knowledge rich project from our friend Majoka. He is savior for many students. We already have his previous Dot Matrix display using 8051. This project is an update to the same project with some additional features and lot of study material.

Here is what you will find in the download package:
1. Dot Matix Display code in C
2. Dot Matrix Display code in Assembly
3. VB6.0 based GUI software with code
4. Schematics (both old and new design)

Here is a big list of change from the previous version:
On Hardware side:
  • ULN2803 array is used to sink the current of Leds in last version decoder was used to sink the current so the display was not so bright this time it is comparatively more bright at 5 volt.
  • 74HCT4514 decoder is used instead of 74ls154 both has inverted output to each other.

On Firmware (controller coding) side:
  • Keil4 is used for c coding
  • The firmware was in asm language in last project. In this updated version that is converted into c language as c is more professional and easy Language.
  • Scrolling speed can be changed and after changing it is saved in the EEPROM.
  • Full Duplex Serial Communication at 9600 baud rate.
  • Maximum 200 Character can be sent to Display.

On Software (GUI) side:
  • Visual Basic 6 is used to make this GUI.
  • Serial Port API is used that make it compatible to work on window xp, vista and window 7.
  • Auto Detect number of Serial Ports in PC.
  • Scrolling speed Slider bar is added to change the speed of scrolling message.
  • Software can be Hide in system tray

and many more..... Complete list with discription can be found in download package.

Here is a working video of this project

Tags scrolling matrix display8051 scrolling displaymatrix display using 8051LED matrix display using 8051 microcontroller

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05 Jul 2014: 01:19 AM
Sir, i want to know if Nasim Majoka's scrolling LED display has effects like flying, scroll back, come down, etc. Thanks.
05 Jul 2014: 06:47 AM
No Its a basic scrolling matrix project If you add effects to it please share back with us.
09 Jul 2014: 07:55 AM
I need led rgb strip ws2812 text moving scrolling 32x100 pixel use on 89c5131. Thank regard
09 Jul 2014: 08:01 AM
Sir , I want led rgb strip ws2812 text moving scrolling 50x100 pixel use on 89c5131. thank regard
31 Mar 2015: 15:24 PM
Sir, Please i am half way done with my project. Please tell me whether cathodes of led matrix are connected to the UDN2981 or the anodes?
please reply as soon as possible..
03 Apr 2015: 11:22 AM
@ElectronicManiac, Anode connected to UDN2981 and cathode is connected to ULN2803. Next time please post question in forum. Use post a question button on the right side.
03 Apr 2015: 19:21 PM
Thank you sir.
Moses Okoroafor
07 May 2015: 22:50 PM
I tried installing the file, but I keep getting an error message about some files missing. Also, the circuit diagram shows only the UDN2981 connection, but not the uln2803. care to comment?
15 Aug 2015: 15:19 PM
In your code
dot matrix.c(184): error C202: 'AddWr': undefined identifier

Please help
27 Aug 2015: 07:37 AM
@Moses Okoroafor, what is the error message.
@tom12345 did you include all the files in project?
Arang ariawan
07 Mar 2016: 02:17 AM
"It's work..thank.):
Any solution to make 8x80 or more with your project..sir
Sorry..i am big mouth..):
14 Sep 2016: 10:11 AM
Sir, it's hard to find 74HCT4514 here, can I change it with 74HC595?.
Please help. Thank you.
Ravi Ambaliya
02 Feb 2017: 10:46 AM
Plzz sir send me layout file in eagle
14 Mar 2017: 08:41 AM
@Ravi We do not have a layout, Why not make one and share it?
lokesh kadali
05 Dec 2018: 04:27 AM
Can you please post code for GSM BASED SCROLLING LED DOT MATRIX DISPLAY along with code & circuit diagram in your website or send to my mail id :

[email protected]

Sorry for the inconvinience waiting for your reply thank you
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Wed Apr 24 2019, 12:30 AM
Kenneth Evans
Kind Regards,
Sun Apr 14 2019, 10:52 PM
@hassan malik post your problem in the "General help Guidance and Discussion" forum
Sun Apr 14 2019, 05:06 PM
please send me code to interface atmega32 with 24c1024 serial eeprom
Sun Apr 14 2019, 01:33 PM
hassan malik
hello sir i installed proteus 7.8 professional on window 7 ultimate and window 10 but there would be same errors onn both windows. the error is bad license key.please any one help me
Sun Apr 14 2019, 01:32 PM
hassan malik
hello sir i installed proteus 7.8 professional on window 7 ultimate and window 10 but there would be same errors onn both windows. the error is bad license key.
Sat Apr 06 2019, 05:59 PM
@deshrar. Please post your question in 8051 forum
Sat Apr 06 2019, 07:43 AM
hallo mam.. i have downloded gsm notice board code its running fine on lcd but how so send msg to the module . i mean format of password and msg.. thank you
Wed Apr 03 2019, 04:38 PM
Can i see the circuit diagram for the music tone library 8051 project?
Wed Apr 03 2019, 02:45 AM
@Prudhvi. Please post your request in 8051 forum
Tue Apr 02 2019, 01:02 AM
Prudhvi reddy
Can you please help me writing code for gsm to send a particular SMS after pressing a key in 4×4 keypad 8051



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